Hexapro 2LB

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Allmax Hexapro 

  • Parfait remplacement de déjeuner
  • 6 types de protéines (rapide, moyenne et à libération prolongée)
    • Protéine de Lactosérum concentrée (whey concentrée)
    • Protéine de lait concentrée
    • Protéine de lactosérum isolée (whey isolée)
    • Caséine micellaire
    • Albumine d’oeuf de lactosérum hydrolysé
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Allmax HEXAPRO™ est un mélange de 6 types de protéines (rapide, moyenne et à libération prolongée) qui assurent des niveaux élevés d’acides aminés avec livraison à court et à long terme.



Allmax Hexapro - 2lb Six protein powder mixes to nourish muscles (quick, medium and prolonged release) Protein blend with BCAAs to promote muscle recovery Allmax HEXAPRO ™ contains 6 highly bioavailable proteins; quick, medium and extended release. Together, they ensure that protein intake is over a much longer period than whey protein alone. Each protein has been carefully selected to obtain maximum assimilation and absorption of proteins.

HEXAPRO has a unique blend of proteins that provide a full spectrum of protein absorption unmatched among all other proteins. MIX OF 6 ULTRA-PREMIUM PROTEINS Allmax HEXAPRO contains a complete protein spectrum of 6 of the best proteins, the most highly bioavailable with zero non-protein amino acids. This ideal ratio allows fast, medium and slow delivery, giving you an extended release of 8 hours. The tastiest protein money can buy; we put our word on it! You will not believe that you are consuming 25 g of protein. Tested, certified and approved in the laboratory. HEXAPRO also contains enzymes, medium chain triglycerides (TCM) and prebiotic matrices to facilitate the absorption and digestion of proteins. i RICH AND THICK MILKSHAKE - A TASTE SUITABLE FOR THIS NAME With a satisfying and delicious taste, HEXAPRO has a really rich and thick taste worthy of a milkshake that will make you rethink proteins.

HEXAPRO creates an experience that will make you fall back in love with proteins. With such taste, you will want to make HEXAPRO part of your daily routine. HEXAPRO - taste, texture, protein and 8 hour extended release. Ideal for recipes and to ensure you maintain a high protein content throughout the day or night.

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